Birthing baby doll with placenta and umbilical cord

Wellcome to the Gledita birthing baby demo doll order page!

If you have not met the Gledita demo dolls yet, I suggest you first read the Basic informations about dolls!

The Gledita birthing demo dolls are wonderful custom helpers for doulas, nurses, midwives. 

The Gledita newborn baby demo doll has flexible neck. The doll is fit for the female pelvis model. So, you can demonstrate how the head move during the birth. (unfortunately I cannot make turnable head for birthing baby doll, because the neck would not be flexibile with it.)

Doll size: 45 cm long, head circumference is about 32 cm. Weight is about 1,2 kg, weighted with millet.

Placenta: 20 cm in diameter weigted with plastic granules

Umbilical cord: 30-45 cm long (as you want), you can see the blood vessels in blue and bordeaux.

This type of Gledita demo dolls was developed in May 2018. 

The doll is comfortable, not hard like plastic dolls.

Every Gledita doll is made for custom order. Sometimes I make Ready-To-Go dolls (dolls who want a new Mommy), they can be found in the Ready-To-Go Gledita Dolls Page. Check it out!

My first customer made a video about the first Gledita birthing demo doll. It shows the shape and moving of the Gledita demo doll, the demonstration of birth with demo doll. The text is in hungarian language, but it is not problem.


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If you want to use the doll with femail pelvic model, I suggest only embroidered hair and flat ears for your doll, to avoid barrier during the work. See below…

It is possible to combine birthing demo doll with breastfeeding demo doll. I have made a doll with this functions (Sold!). He is 45-47 cm long with straight limbs.  Look at his emroidered hair and simple, flat ears. You can also order placenta with umbilical cord (You will choose the long of cord), and knitted breast modell, you want.

Breastfeeding and birthing demo doll with placenta, umbilical cord and knitted breast modell.

Do you have to bring your demodoll to your work? Order a beautiful silver-gray, waterproof pearl canvas bag with Gledita logo! It fits for a 62 cm tall or smaller dolls too. The bag will protect your fabric doll in the rain.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm.

The logo is screen-printed on a white pearl canvas, so the bag can be washed at 30 degrees.

I make the bags with a variety of straps, dark gray, bordeaux and dark brown. After ordering we can match the color of the strap in stock. If you would like, I’ll send it with your baby. If I do not have the color you want, you may have to wait a couple of days!