Basic information about demo dolls

Basic informations about demo dolls

Question: What kind of materials do you use for dolls?

The Gledita Demo dolls are handmade fabric dolls. I use special Oeko-Tex 100 standard doll-body fabric, swiss- made tricot. It is the best quality for dolls.
The Gledita Demo Dolls have two layers. The filling, weigting material is in the inner one. The outer layer is the doll-body fabric.
I use wool for making and sculpting heads and round bottoms, also for hands and feet.
I use siliconised polyester to fill the remaining places in the body. It is a good material because it is not compacting.

Question: What material do you use for weighting dolls?

Millet, quartz-sand or plastic granules:

1. Mostly I use millet. The millet weighted doll body has a very natural feeling. It is my favourite.
Dolls have the following weights with millet:

  • 50 cm tall doll: 1,5-1,8 kg
  • 54-56 cm tall doll: 2,5-2,8 kg
  • 62 cm tall doll: 3,5-3,8 kg

The doll can not be wet because the seeds.

2. If you need a heavier doll, I use millet mixed with quartz-sand. In this case the body and the limbs are a bit more solid.
Dolls will have the following weights with millet mixed quartz-sand:

  • 50 cm tall doll: 1,5-2,1 kg
  • 54-56 cm tall doll: 2,8-3,5 kg
  • 62 cm tall doll: 3,8-4,3 kg

The doll can not be wet because the seeds.

3.  I can use plastic granules for weighting dolls. It is a new technic for me, I haven’t got much experience with it yet. The plastic granules are lighter than the millet, approx. 85%. The surface of the hands and legs is a bit uneven. But, it does not matter if the water reaches the doll.

4. New option: Weighting with small (less than 1 mm) glass beads. Dolls weigh more than dolls weighted with millet (e.g. a 50 cm tall doll can be up to 2.2-2.4 kg). It can only be assigned to dolls smaller than 62 cm because the largest doll would be too heavy with it and therefore would not have a durable body.

Question: Whitch parts of the demo doll are weighted?

All parts: the full body, the legs, the arms and the head.
I mesure with a digital scale to ensure that both arms and legs are of equal weight.

Question: What is the difference between the demo dolls?

The structure of the dolls is the same. (Two layers, etc…) But there are some differences (size, limbs, joints, head turning) that you can see in the table below.

After completing the table, I developed a number of new developments. These include the head control (for baby yoga dolls) and the “turn-and-tilt” head, which can be rotated and tilted at the same time. Further details can be found on the order pages.

Question: How durable are the Gledita demo dolls?

I’m doing everything to make Gledita dolls last and remain suitable to work with for years:

  • I use the best quality fabics for making dolls
  • The doll’s body is sewn twice with a sewing machine.
  • I attach a strong canvas to the front of the body and to the joints of the limbs.

If you use it properly, you can work with the Gledita demo doll for many years without any problem.
You can read more about this in the “Caring for your demo doll” menu.

Question: Do you recommend heavy Gledita demo dolls for kids to play?

No. I don’t recommend heavy Gledita Demo dolls for little children under the age of 8. It is too heavy for them to carry. And, I’m sure it would not endure it without injury if it was dropped on its head or would be pulled by the hand.

The demo doll is not a toy. Do not leave the doll in the hands of a child if there is no adult supervision!

If you would like your kid to have a Gledita baby doll, choose the light or slightly weighted dolls! Look at them here!

Question:Is the Gledita Mama Demo Doll weighted too?

Gledita Mama and the tiny newborn baby are not weighted demo dolls. Total approx. weighing 1.5 kg, so the shipping cost is lower than in the case of heavy demo dolls.

Mama is filled with siliconised polyester, the baby is filled with sheep wool.

Question: How can I clean my Gledita demo doll?

You can read about cleaning in the “Caring for your demo doll” menu.

Question: Why are the Gledita dolls so expensive?

The Gledita Dolls are custom, handmade, unique art dolls. I make 4-5 dolls per month because each takes me several days to finish. I use the best quality and expesive natural materials. I make the dolls very durable to help in your work for years.
So, it’s worth buying Gledita dolls.

Question: How can I order a doll and how much is the shipping cost?

You can read about ordering and shipping in the “Ordering and shippng” menu.