Breastfeeding demo dolls

Wellcome to the Gledita breastfeeding demo doll order page!

If you have not met the Gledita demo dolls yet, I suggest you first read the Basic informations about dolls!

The Gledita breastfeeding demo dolls are wonderful custom helpers for nurses, midwives, lactacion consultants. 

The Gledita breastfeeding demo doll has open mouth and flexible neck. So, you can demonstrate how the head has to tilt back for a good alignment and latch.

This type of Gledita demo dolls was developed in April 2018. 

The dolls are comfortable, not hard like plastic dolls.

Every Gledita doll is made for custom order. Sometimes I make Ready-To-Go dolls (dolls who want a new Mommy), they can be found in the Ready-To-Go Gledita Dolls Page. Check it out!

I made a video about the first Gledita breastfeeding demo dolls. It shows the shape and moving of the Gledita demo doll, the positions of the breastfeeding, the optional little crocheted pacifier and the knitted breast model. They are available for breastfeeding demo dolls.

More photos in the Gledita Flickr Albums! 

If you order a little crocheted pacifier for the breastfeeding demo doll, I will sew a tiny but strong magnet into the throat of the doll. The pacifier is ONLY a design element, I don’t recommend to use (or don’t use) pacifiers for babies. If you order pacifier, I will talk to you about the colors.

Crocheted pacifiers with tiny magnet.

You can order hand knitted breast model for your work. I fill it with siliconised poliester. Watch the video about using breast model. If you order breast model, I will talk to you about the color.

Hand knitted breast models

I make breastfeeding demo dolls in one size:

  • 50-54 cm tall (1,5-1,8 kg) with straight limbs.
    Is it possible to order breastfeeding demo doll combined with birthing baby demo doll (45 cm). Look at the other page!

I weighted them with three material: millet,plastic granule or tiny glass beads. The remaining places I fill with siliconised polyester fiber and some places wool. It is very important to read about materials, structure, etc.. more information here… before choose filling!

The elbows and the knees are moving.

The breastfeeding demo doll has flexibile neck. There are no wires in his head and neck that make it stiff. 

You can order your doll with a new option: Turn-and-tilt head. It is optional. It was developed in 2021:

The video shows a breastfeeding demo doll,  the turn-and-tilt head movement is clearly visible.

What you need to know about ordering:

Every filling have a price that includes a simple doll without additional design elements (extras). 
Simple doll: bald head, without hair, no detailed fingers and toes, without round bottom, no boy part and no ears, natural colour skin.

The simple doll knows everything even without accessories, and it is fully capable of working with its “Mommy”. The doll’s head is made with the base of waldorf doll technique. The doll’s face is sculpted with a needle-felting technique and is hand emroidered.

If you want, you can order extras, design elements for your demo doll:

The “extras”: detailed fingers and toes, hair, round bottom, ears, boy part. If you want a chocolate-colored or mediterran-colored doll, they come with additional charge. (These photos are not made from the breastfeeding demo dolls)

Simple doll and the “extras”


New extra: Separated fingers and detailed toes. Fingers with wire…

Extra: Tongue in the demo doll’s mouth.

Removable tongue fixed with a strong magnet. It makes the doll’s face more lifelike and helps show the role of the tongue in the breastfeeding process.

Extra: Umbilcal stump –  5-6 cm long, with white blood wessels inside

The price is depends on the filling and extras. 

You can order filling out the order-form at the bottom of the page:

  • Choose the size and the filling of the simple doll you want.
  • Choose the extras and accessories (pacifier or knitted breast) you want. The form adds up the prices. About shipping cost you can read here.
  • Fill out your datas for invoicing and shipping. 
  • Click the red button!

Then, on the next page, you have to give some important details, which is essential for me to make your doll (Don’t worry, you will also see these images on that page!):

  • You can choose bald head, mohair hair or synthetic hair. If you want hair for doll, you can choose from the following materials and colours. 
  • In the top row there are hairs from special wool-mohair yarn. I can make short hair from mohair yarn too when I cut the fibers
  • In the bottom row there are hairs from synthetic effect yarn. It’s just for short hair.
  • I crochet the cap and brush it. 

  • You have to give the colour and style of eyes: sleeping eyes, simple or with eyelashes, round eyes in different colours or more realistic eyes with pupilla in different colours:

You have to give the style of the nose:

Realistic or simple style nose

And finally, you should give the Name of your doll! 🙂

At the time of order you will be able to leave me a message, comment or wish.

The ordered doll is ready to go within 4-6 weeks on average. This time depends on the number of actual orders. Therefore, if the doll is urgent, please email me before ordering (info @ gleditadolls .  com)

I ship Gledita demo dolls without clothes. All the right size baby clothes fit them.

I make and ship breastfeeding demo doll to Europe and to outside of Europe.

Order 3 or more dolls and you will get free shipping! Only to Europe!

More about shipping conditions here…

Do you have to bring your demodoll to your work? Order a beautiful silver-gray, waterproof pearl canvas bag with Gledita logo! It fits for a 62 cm tall or smaller dolls too. The bag will protect your fabric doll in the rain.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm.

The logo is screen-printed on a white pearl canvas, so the bag can be washed at 30 degrees.

I make the bags with a variety of straps, light gray or bordeaux. After ordering we can match the color of the strap in stock. If you would like, I’ll send it with your doll. If I do not have the color you want, you may have to wait a couple of days!