About me

About the Dollmaker

My name is Edit. I live in a beautiful town, Kecskemét, in the centre of Hungary. I’m a visual artist and a private maths teacher.

My manual skills were inherited from my dear maternal Grandmother. Ever since I could remember, I was always making something. I made dresses, knitted, crocheted, made patchwork pillows, etc. My great adventure with dolls started in 2010 when my 16 years old, anime-fan daughter asked me for a doll. Doll making had became a real passion.

I mostly make waldorf dolls and waldorf-style dolls. I love this technic and I regulary host waldorf doll-making courses since 2015. I also teach waldorf elf making and teddy bear making. I have made the Gledita Creative Tutorials, online instant download E-books of doll and bear making.

My maternal grandma was famous for her hand skills.

I made my first demo doll in 2014. Since then, more than 100 baby doll and demo doll have been born by my hands. I work alone, every doll was created by me.

2014 was one of my greatest years, when my dream, the Gledita Creative came to life. I became self-employed as a maths teacher, doll maker and educator in my creative courses. The name: “Gledita” comes from my name: Edit. “GL” is the monogram of my children. So, the Gledita Creative is one with me. It is my life. I am the boss, and the slave, who can work from early morning to late evening. I am the designer, the sewer, the marketing manager, the IT specialist, the website designer and everything else my work needs. I love it!

So if you choose my doll, I will do my best to make the most beautiful one for you.

Thank you for your interest!


If you have any question, email me! (info   @    gleditadolls.com)