Caring for your demo doll

Question: What are the most important tips for the demo doll?

  • Treat it as gently as if it were a living baby!
  • Always dress it up for work, save the material of the body so it can serve your work for years!
  • If you do not use the doll for a long time, keep it in a tightly sealed nylon bag and possibly place a lavender cushion next to it.

Question: Do you recommend heavy Gledita demo dolls for kids to play?

No. I don’t recommend heavy Gledita Demo dolls for little children under the age of 8. It is too heavy for them to carry. And, I’m sure it would not endure it without injury if it was dropped on its head or would be pulled by the hand.

The demo doll is not a toy. Do not leave the doll in the hands of a child if there is no adult supervision!

If you would like your kid to have a Gledita baby doll, choose the light or slightly weighted dolls! Look at them here!


Question: How can I clean the doll?

  • Always use it with clothes on so the surface of the fabric does not get dirty.
  • The doll is NOT WASHABLE because the millet and quartz-sand can not touch water, but if its surface gets dirty, you can clean it with a little amount of soapy water in the direction of the grainline. (See also: This post is in Hungarian, but you can translate it with your browser or with an other translator.)
  • If your doll is weighted with plastic granules, you do not have to keep the doll away from the water. Only wash it by hand, and if possible, do surface cleaning only.
  • Do not twist the limbs of the doll!
  • Leave it to dry by air, away from the radiator. Do not use a hair dryer or iron.
  • The doll’s faceblush fades away after a while. If you want, you can fix it with beeswax chalk or your own blusher. Use a cloth piece to renew your doll’s faceblush in the direction of the grainline!